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Past Events

MLK Day Celebrations

NDI has observed and celebrated the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Needham since January 2011. These celebrations have entertained and inspired hundreds of participants of all ages and backgrounds each year. Below are programs and photos of past observances.  We hope you celebrate with us next January!


2022 MLK Day Celebration     Zoom Recording

2021 MLK Day Celebration     Zoom Recording

2020 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2019 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2018 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF) 

2017 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2016 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2015 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2014 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2013 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2012 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)

2011 MLK Day Celebration     Photos | Program (PDF)


Needham Diversity Summits

Since 2012, NDI's keystone annual event has been the Needham Diversity Summit.  Each year community members  come together to listen to keynote speakers and panel discussions, participate in break-out session, and learn from other community members. Please join us in November for our next Summit!

2021 Needham Diversity Summit     Program  Zoom Recording
2020 Needham Diversity Summit     Program  (PDF)  |  

2019 Needham Diversity Summit     Program  (PDF)

2018 Needham Diversity Summit     Program  (PDF)

2017 Needham Diversity Summit     Program  (PDF)

2016 Needham Diversity Summit     Program  (PDF)

2015 Needham Diversity Summit     Program (PDF)

2014 Needham Diversity Summit     Program  (PDF)

2020 Interview with Marvin Henry     Click to view recording

2020 Interview with Nikki Turpin        Click to view recording

2020 Local Residents Panel              Click to view recording

Summit Collage.jpg

Race Amity Day

Race Amity celebrates the friendships between people of different races and cultures, and recognizes the collaborations which advance equity and social justice.


State Representative Denise Garlick of Needham was a co-sponsor of the Bill that established Race Amity Day in Massachusetts. In 2015, the Massachusetts Legislature passed the Race Amity Day Bill (H 2745, Chapter 163 of Acts of 2015), and it was signed by Governor Charlie Baker (a graduate of Needham High School) in February 2016. It states:


The governor shall annually issue a proclamation setting apart the second Sunday in June as Massachusetts Race Amity Day to recognize that the people of the commonwealth are its greatest asset, to recognize that the commonwealth is comprised of multicultural, multi-ethnic and multiracial citizens, and to encourage friendship, collegiality, civility, respect and kindness as the commonly shared ideals of the collective citizenry of the commonwealth by joining with communities across the United States to reflect on the beauty and richness of the diverse peoples of this great nation, while reaching out with a spirit of amity toward one another annually and recommending that the day be observed in an appropriate manner by the people.

NDI has sponsored a Race Amity Day celebration every year since 2018.

In this brief video from the 2021 Amity Day celebration, Dr. Gloria Polizzotti Greis, Executive Director of the Needham History Center and Museum, speaks about the history of race in Needham.   Click to view


Other Past NDI Events

The Case of Mr. Sean Ellis    Click to view

Discussion of Netflix Series ‘Trial 4’ – with Sean Ellis. Mr. Ellis was wrongly accused of murdering a police officer and sentenced. It took 22 years and 4 trials for his innocence to be established. Mr. Ellis was a Needham High School METCO student.

Sean Ellis Trial 4.png
JANICE ALLEN poster.jpg
Race, Sports & Protest flyer.jpg
It Happened Here - Slavery in Needham.jpg
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