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Needham Resilience Network (NRN)

The Needham Resilience Network is a whole-of-society representation of Needham. Network Fellows represent all major stakeholder groups in town, be they civic, identity-based, community, service, school, healthcare, business, or faith-based. The goals of the Network include building understanding across diverse local groups and perspectives and developing a cohesive approach to current challenges in our Needham community such as a documented rise in identity-based hate, unaddressed community divisions, and the need to bolster our shared local identity and values.


The Network launched in March 2022. It is housed at NDI, endorsed by the town, and under the co-leadership of Drs. Nichole Argo and Beth Pinals.


Needham Lived Experiences Project (LEP)

The Lived Experiences Project (LEP), is a community-based, grassroots initiative collecting stories of racism and identity-based mistreatment in the town of Needham, MA in order to influence systemic change locally. LEP was launched in June 2020 and is co-led by its co-founders Dr. Nichole Argo and Anna Giraldo-Kerr.

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